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Jessica was seen taking daughter Honor to a birthday party in Beverly Hills on March 15. Check out the pics in our gallery!

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Jessica and Cash went out to eat at Wolfgang Restaurant in Los Angeles on March 13 Take a look!

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Hi guys! I’m Guadalupe from ninadobrevstuff.com and from now on I’ll be helping Lillian with news and pics! I’m so excited of being a part of Jessica Alba Network because I love Jessica since day 1!

We’ve added 3 new HQ outtakes from Nylon. Check them out into the gallery!

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Watch whole interview with Jessica and Christopher Gavigan from GreenBiz Forum which they attended last month.

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Jessica Alba’s dance moves still impress director Robert Rodriguez.

The actress slips back into her sexy stripper clothes in “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,” a follow-up to the director’s 2005 hit “Sin City” — and, according to him, she’s sexier than ever.

“She’s more ripped now than she was then,” Rodriguez told toofab’s Brian Particelli while promoting his “From Dusk Till Dawn” TV series at SXSW.

“She came in with this choreography that just, we’re going ‘This is our life? We get to film this for two days?’” the pleased director adds. “She’s amazing, she really took her character and ran with it.”

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The actress on Lanvin cashmere and costumes for Sin City

Growing up in the 1980s, one of my earliest memories is of me in a terrycloth jumpsuit with rainbows on it and jelly shoes. My mum was 18 when she got pregnant and 19 when she had me. She then basically dressed me as a mini version of herself. There were a lot of Prince- and Madonna-inspired looks.

TV characters made a huge impression on me when I was younger, especially Claire Danes in My So-Called Life, and [the character] Kelly Bundy from Married with Children.

I’ve had several ‘What was I thinking?’ moments. In my late teens and early twenties I was a mess, I really didn’t have a clue. I remember wearing some outfits that showed my lower stomach, below the belly button. It was bad news, but then I got it together when I was 22.

With my first pay cheque I bought a Lanvin cashmere cable-knit sweater that had a gold thread through it. I still wear it.

When I want to put on sexy stuff in bed, I wear Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s M&S line. She’s a friend; she sent me some samples and I love them. For more classic pyjamas I wear a line called Marigot from New York.

I really enjoyed the costumes for Sin City. I needed a leather jacket for a scene and I already owned this beautiful Ralph Lauren one with wide shoulders and a tight waist, so I told the costume designer. She worked her magic and studded it up like crazy, and now my Ralph Lauren leather jacket has a metal cross and studs and spikes. It looks like armour.

When I’m filming, my trailer is always incredibly neat. I am really into being organised because otherwise how do you know where everything is? I label everything.

I give myself two hours upwards to get ready for an event, with someone else doing my hair and make-up. I could probably do it in 45 minutes, but I like to chat and my daughters Honor, five, and Haven, two, normally want my attention. When I do it myself I can’t be bothered, I just want to get it done; it’s 20 minutes max usually.

Almost every day my daughters will dress up in their pyjamas with my shoes on. I tell them they are going to fall over, especially in the high heels, so I encourage them to play with the flats instead.

Last Halloween I played Cher from The Witches of Eastwick and my other girlfriends were Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon.

I’ve just been to Paris Fashion Week. I loved every pair of Kenzo shoes that I saw. A lot of stuff at Dior was gorgeous — there was a stunning cobalt-blue coat. At Nina Ricci there were maroon and grey clothes that were beautiful and a maroon lacy gown. Those were the standouts.

At the H&M show I was sitting next to Solange Knowles and Jourdan Dunn. I told Jourdan that when I come back I want to look like her. That girl is flawless.

When I die all my organs will be donated, so I don’t know how much of me will be left to be buried in anything special.

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Jessica Alba attended book launch of “A Denim Story” written by Emily Current and Meritt Elliott held at PaliHotel on March 11.

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Jess attended and helped host the NYLON Magazine March Issue Party on March 10 to celebrate her March cover. Enjoy the pics!

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Jessica was seen shopping for some groceries at Whole Foods on March 9. Take a look!

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In just a few years, she went from being a hot starlet to an eco-crusader and savvy entrepreneur. Al it took was passion and a single-minded focus on protecting the earth, for her kids and yours.

„Every five years, I feel like I’m a completely different person,“ says Jessica Alba. Just Google her bio and you’ll see the pattern: In 2000, the actress launched her career in head-to-toe black leather on the TV Series Dark Angel. By 2005, she’d emerged as a full-blown movie star in Sin City and Fantastic Four. Flash to 2011 and she’s a mom of two, eating leftovers off her kid’s plate and worrying about how harsh chemical affect their well-being. And while she’s still headlining movies – the Sin City sequel promises to be a summer blockbuster – phase four is well under way for Jessica in an office park in Santa Monica, CA.

That’s where this 32-years-old heads up the Honest Company, an online purveyor of nearly 60 natural, eco-friendly products that include organic skin-care products for moms and kids, nontoxic household cleaning goods and 100-percent biodegradable baby wipes. During her pregnancy with her first daughter, Honor, now 5, Jessica researched herself into a fervor over petrochemicals and parabens in everyday items like skin lotions and household cleaners. „I had always tried to live a sustainable lifestyle, but had been focused on what was best for the earth,“ she says. „Being pregnant, that shifted to be about what was best for human health. I didn’t want anything in my home that could make my children sick.“ In her research, she picked up a copy of Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home by Christopher Gavifan; the book was a revelation. „It breaks down the effects of certain chemicals,“ she says. „I thought, If there are safer alternatives, I want to use them.“ By the time her second daughter, Haven, arrived in 2011, Jessica and Gavigan had founded the Honest Company. And last year Jessica put clean-living message out there with her own book. The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You.

The Honest Company office has a quintessential start-up look and feel: There’s a wall of garage doors that roll up to let in fresh air, a rainbow of bikes jammed into a rack under a row of helmets and even an actor-level handsome guy wiping down the coffee bar of a small in-house café. It seems like a dream environment for working moms. The hallways are lined with shadow-boxed Honest diapers, and there are pictures of babies everywhere, including large frames showing off staffers‘ kids under the words „Our Honest Family.“ There’s even a dedicated nursing room. „It’s really cute!“ Jessica tells me.

She’s right; cuteness abounds. But Honest is no vanity project. Curently, the company is expanding it’s Web-only business to brick-and-mortar retailers like Costco and Whole Foods. Sales have jumped from $12 million to $60 million in less than two years, sparking $52 million in venture-capital funding to develop new products and expand the e-commerce site. And Jessica really does put in a 40-houes week here. Our inteview is interupted by check-in meetings on everything from an upcoming focus group to the packaging of a new housewarming kit, with a sidebar about a stray dog (we’ll get to that in a minute). Jessica’s impossible-to-miss hot pink desk is crammed between two others, and next to her Mac there’s a framed photo of her husband of nearly six years, Cash Warren, who has a warm smile and salt-and-pepper hair. „He’s always had it, but now it’s major,“ she says with a laugh. „I think it’s from having daughters.“

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