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Jessica Alba Before & After

When actress, author, and Honest Company co-founder Jessica Alba first decorated her Beverly Hills home, the master bedroom became somewhat of an afterthought. “It was like everything that didn’t have a place or fit elsewhere in the house ended up here,” Alba says of the accidental furniture exile that prevented the room from living up to its potential. Like most of us, Alba and her husband, producer Cash Warren, prefer total darkness for sleeping. But, cumbersome window shades and a shuttered door to the outside patio kept the couple from making the most of L.A.’s sunny outdoors by day. “After a while, we just wanted the room to feel airy, thoughtful, and chill,” Alba says of her decision to make some changes to the space. Enter Domaine. With the help of creative director Mat Sanders and his team of style experts, Alba’s once overlooked room was transformed into a bright, useful space that tells the story of a stylish, well-considered life.

Jessica Alba Before & After Jessica Alba Before & After Jessica Alba Before & After Jessica Alba Before & After Jessica Alba Before & After

For Alba, bringing in a designer to help her achieve a serene indoor-outdoor oasis was a no-brainer. “If you do everything yourself, you never really get perspective,” she says of her decision to work with the Domaine team. “What’s great about working with an interior designer is having someone to bounce around ideas.” Ever on the go, one tool was especially useful in collaborating on the transformation: Pinterest! “It’s a great place to visually convey what the space means to you and what you want it to be,” says Alba. “Whether you find color inspiration, products, or even pictures of nature, just start pinning stuff that makes you happy and eventually you’ll narrow in on the design direction.”

“A great bedroom is functional, comfortable, and peaceful,” Alba says. “At the end of the day, it’s a room where you’re meant to be sleeping, so it’s important to feel like you can just turn off.” With that in mind, a serene color palette of neutrals was created and enhanced with a bold mix of textures. “I wanted the space to feel earthy and grounded, but at the same time, clean and modern,” Alba says of the modern mix. With Woven Accent’s Modern Moroccan rug layered on top of a braided Ballard Designs jute rug and Turkish pillows combined with patterned pieces by Zak and Fox, playful elements work in harmony with roughhewn textures for a cool, peaceful feel.

Equally important to a well-planned, tranquil surrounding was ensuring all decisions aligned with Alba’s well-considered lifestyle. A latex-free Naturepedic mattress was in order for a restful night’s sleep and a pair of Cisco’s Romero chairs, produced with non-toxic fillers, played into the room’s eco-friendly plan. For the walls, Yolo Colorhouse and their natural, refined palettes of no-VOC paints provided the perfect white.

“I always use my travels as a source of inspiration for my living space,” Alba says of her desire to bring the world she sees on her many trips into her Los Angeles bedroom. “I recently went to Istanbul and loved how the flavors of the Middle East mixed and mingled with the Mediterranean coast. The design there feels so luxurious and gorgeous because it’s all handmade, natural, and authentic. I want my home to feel like that getaway.”

Source: DomaineHome.Com

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Check out this first TV Spot for Jessica Alba’s upcoming movie Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. No new footage with Jessica but still worth watching. Check it out and don’t forget to follow us for Jessica’s upcoming Comic-Con appearance and more information about Sin City at SDCC.

Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For comes to theaters on August 22, 2014.

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Join ZICO & Jessica Alba for the 21 Days to #CrackLifeOpen Challenge

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This is the news we’ve all been waiting for! Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will be at Comic-Con in San Diego this year.

Sin City panel is set to start on Saturday, July 26 at 2:50 in Hall H. Dimension Films in association with Aldamisa Entertainment will present exclusive footage from the highly anticipated sequel. Fans will get to experience the Sin City universe and take part in a special discussion with Rodriguez, Miller, and cast.

Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller, Josh Brolin, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson are all expected to be there.

If you have the chance don’t miss the opportunity to be there! If not stay tuned for photos, interviews, and more later this month.

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New clip for Jessica’s upcoming movie Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has been released. The movie comes to theaters on August 22nd!


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Jessica will present at this year’s ESPY Awards, the annual gala that mixes athletes with celebrities as ESPN celebrates the best and brightest in the world of sports. This year’s event, hosted by Drake, will take place on July 16.

Jessica joined previously announced Kiefer Sutherland, Jim Parsons, Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel.


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While in New York, Jessica sat down with Allie Merriam of Popsugar to talk about Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, her family, cooking, ZICO & more. Check it out!


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Jessica Alba may be Mother of the Year (at least, according to The Helping Hand of Los Angeles) but she insists she’s just a regular, multi-tasking mama. Her two toddlers make the same amount of messes at the dinner table as every other kiddo with a plate of spaghetti. And the list of normalities goes on.

Yahoo Celebrity caught up with The Honest Company founder at a cooking demonstration and got the dish about what life is like inside her kitchen. We grilled the Machete Kills star on everything from the appliance she hates to clean to her favorite appetizers to whip up before a girls’ night.

What spice or condiment do you use the most? Sea salt.
If you’re short on time, what do you cook for dinner? Whatever is in the fridge. Whatever vegetables we have, I’ll broil them and do some kind of grilled meat. Or I’ll do some kind of simple pasta with olive oil, tomatoes, and dice up whatever vegetable we have and throw that in there. The kids love it.

Do you have a go-to take out spot? We have a few. We are in a good place for takeout.
What’s the most used item in your kitchen? Probably the blender and the espresso machine.

What’s one thing that you hate to clean in your kitchen? The blender. It is irritating. Or the Cuisinart.
What’s the biggest mess your kids have ever made in the kitchen? Every time they eat, it is like war. It is like they had a war with their food and it is all over the kitchen. I don’t know how it ends up that way, but it does every time.

What’s one kitchen appliance you own, but never use?
We use everything. I have a crepe pan with the wooden spatula and we use that. I use the thin rubber spatula. That’s our favorite thing to do on the weekends. We do savory and sweet crepes on Saturdays.

What’s your favorite appetizer to make when your friends come over?
I usually just do a cheese plate with olives, dried fruit, and nuts, and an array of different cheeses.

Do you have a signature cocktail you make when you entertain or do you prefer wine?
I am kind of both. I love a good refreshing cocktail in the summer, but then a nice rich wine is nice in the fall and winter. It depends on what I am making.

Do you have a kids snack that you make regularly?
It is really what the kids feel like. It is everything from mini sandwiches to hummus and vegetables. That’s an easy go-to. Or sometimes I do a quick quesadilla.

Do you wear an apron when you cook?
I do. I have a few because I like to just wipe my hands as I am going and I don’t like to stop and look around for a towel. I just wipe them on the apron and keep going. It’s pretty great.

Are you a kitchen table family or a dining table family?
We’re usually in the kitchen. It is just easier. We have a bar kind of style with big comfy chairs.

What do you like to decorate your dining room with?
I always love to have fresh flowers. I think that’s always nice and I have candles as well.

What’s one item that is always in your fridge?
Zico coconut water. We always have natural and we always have chocolate.


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Jessica Alba is busier than ever. The 33-year-old runs a successful natural health and beauty company, has a family, and has four movies coming out this year.

“It’s hard,” Alba says of juggling it all. “I feel like I’m always compromising one thing over another.”

We caught up with the busy mom of two at a recent event for Zico coconut water, and she talked about setting an example for her daughters, why she and husband Cash Warren still go on dates, and one of her favorite recipes.

You and Cash Warren have been married for six years now. What are some of your secrets to a happy marriage?
“Yeah, we’ve been married for six years. You know, I think we have an incredible amount of respect for each other and we value each other’s opinion and time, and I feel like we’re in it together, we’re not petty with each other, and we communicate a lot.”

Do you two still go on dates?
“Yes! Absolutely. I think you have to. I think that’s essential.”

What are some of your favorite things to do together?
“Anything. I mean, even watching TV and making popcorn. Other times having a staycation and staying at a hotel down the street. It just depends what vacation is.”

How did you get turned on to coconut water?
“I stayed at this hotel and they had it in the mini bar, so I discovered it a couple of years ago and I’ve been drinking it ever since. They’re the best after a workout because it’s so refreshing. [When I drink it] I would immediately feel hydrated, especially after a tough workout, and I felt replenished quicker than downing a bottle of water. So that’s how I discovered it and I just recently discovered the chocolate coconut water, which is super-delicious and it’s one of my kids’ favorite things. We even carry it in the diaper bag with us to the park or when we go out to eat. I can get them to eat their vegetables if I can promise they get to drink their chocolate coconut water.”

Do you cook a lot with coconut water at home?
“I do, yeah. It’s great because you can make fresh things, a fresh marinade, or a fresh salad dressing. I love making my own salad dressing. I think there’s something about it, just making it right there, because you can alter the taste to exactly what you’re making.”

What are some of your go-to ingredients when making a homemade salad dressing?
“Lemon, salt, and fresh garlic. I think everything is good with lemon, salt, and fresh garlic—and you can add coconut water. You can do a flavored coconut water if you want something a little more sweet, like mango or something like that.”


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Jessica is set to appear as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The episode is scheduled to air on July 3rd, alongside Ben Falcone and Sia performs. Airing at 11:35 on ABC. Don’t forget to check your local listings and be sure to watch!