Exclusive Q&A: The ZOE Report & Jessica Alba

By this point, you probably know Jessica Alba is a trailblazer in the eco-friendly sphere—and we highly recommend all the products from her natural, non-toxic bath/body/baby goods line Honest, whether you’re a parent or not! Last week ZOE Report featured Miss Alba’s latest venture—her first book!—but didn’t stop there, as we couldn’t wait to pick her brain for all the details. Read on for the full scoop:

1. As The Honest Life is your first book, what was the most challenging part of wearing the author hat?
Finding the time to write it! All kidding aside, I found it difficult to whittle down the most relevant content because The Honest Life includes all the information and natural living tips I’ve learned from experts and experience over the years. And arriving at a book format that was usable for women on the go, while still keeping it fresh, fun, and engaging, was a lengthier process than I ever expected. I had to get it just right. Despite these challenges, the overall process of writing my first book was really exciting and rewarding. I owe many thanks to my family and friends for their patience and support during this time!

2. What were some of the highlights/most fun aspects in your journey to creating The Honest Life?
My journey as an author really gave me an excuse to pause and reflect. When you read the book, you’ll see that it is inspired by my different life experiences. So, it was enlightening for me to connect the dots of my childhood and how I was raised with my career and now motherhood—and then share it all in one place. I also had a blast spending time and collaborating with my family and friends, including my mom, Kelly Sawyer Patricof, Katherine Power, Justin Coit, Lauren Andersen, and more. I appreciate that they shared their talents and now feel more bonded with everyone who contributed to the book.

3. Any unexpected content we can look forward to seeing in the book?
The Honest Life is really personal and authentic to me, so readers might be surprised to find favorite family recipes that we actually make, old family photos, and my tips and tricks for home design (I love DIY décor and refurbishing vintage furniture—it’s an obsession).

4. Who or where do you look to stay up-to-date on tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy, clean lifestyle?
I just go to work! My Honest co-founder Christopher Gavigan keeps me up to speed on all things eco-friendly and safe even when I’m not looking for it. However, more than tips and tricks, I think living a healthy and clean lifestyle is about being balanced in your approach and finding what is right for you and your family. I hope that is what readers take away when they reach the last page of The Honest Life.

5. What are your 5 essentials products—an “eco-friendly starter kit”, of sorts—you think every person should have as a basis in his/her home?
When we created The Honest Company, we knew busy families wanted eco-friendly products but didn’t have the time to research how to make the switch or find safe, non-toxic ones that truly worked. We wanted to take the guesswork out of it for them by offering a Family Essentials Bundle from one trusted source. Our bundle includes 5 essential products—shampoo, lotion, hand soap, detergent, and healing balm—the most important stuff you’ll need. So, it’s the perfect eco-friendly starter kit.

Beyond products, I recommend that every person take these three “starter steps.” (1) Get a natural, organic mattress or an organic mattress cover that reduces toxic off gassing. We spend so much of our life sleeping, it’s important to minimize our exposure to petroleum-based chemicals, fire retardants, and VOCs. (2) Take your shoes off at the door. This keeps you from tracking nasty stuff from the street and toxins into your home, plus your floors will stay cleaner. Who doesn’t like that? (3) Read labels and research. You will find eco-friendly alternatives that make the most sense for your family.

Source: thezoereport.com